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5 Tips That Instantly Make Your Home Look and Feel Cleaner

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  1. DO YOUR DISHES! Nothing makes your home feel more cluttered and dirty (and stinky) than having dirty dishes piled up in the sink. I know, I know I hate sticking my hands in nasty dishwater too, just bite the bullet and do it and you will feel SO much better. I honestly think doing the dishes is likened to torture for me and I am totally grossed out by it, but not nearly as grossed out as I am by a sink full of stinky dishes! Here are a few tips to make the dish duty deed a little more bearable:

– Always keep your dishwasher unloaded. What I mean by that is to unload them as soon as they are finished running so you avoid the common question “Are these dishes clean?”

–   Rinse and load as you go. This eliminates that massive mountain of piled up dishes that amasses in the sink. If you eat a bowl of cereal immediately rinse your bowl and load it and teach your family to do likewise! It makes a huge difference.

– This one is important if you are a quirky girl like me… PLAY MUSIC . I am not kidding at all, make dish duty a positive experience and eventually it won’t feel like a form of torture. Depending on your taste in music set up a good playlist (I love Blake Shelton so I usually play country music). I use iTunes or even Amazon Music which are both awesome. I am an Amazon Prime member so they have a streaming service similar to Pandora but commercial free that is included with Prime. There are some songs you cannot get but the selection is huge and pretty great!

– Next use an awesome aromatic dish soap. I know it sounds crazy, but your senses are a powerful thing and aromatherapy is such a big help!  I used to be a total DIE HARD Dawn Soap fan, nothing you could say would convince me that any other dish soap could live up its cleaning power. So it was a hard sell to get me to try any other brands but I tried Mrs. Meyer’s and I have to say I am absolutely hooked on the Basil Scent and the seasonal Mint scent. It’s plant based and has essential oils so you are getting a natural product that smells amazing and gets the job done. I use the matching scent of Mrs. Meyer’s multi-purpose spray to wipe down my cook-top and kitchen counters after the dishes are done and it makes the kitchen smell amazing.

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2. DE-CLUTTER THE MAIN LIVING AREAS! Just pick up. No one is telling you that you must organize and alphabetize everything right now when you just need a quick tidy up. So I use baskets or totes to quickly run around and pick up items sitting around.  They will then be organized more specifically when I actually have the time. Its a quick way to clear the clutter and localize everything so when you have the time to thoroughly weed through it you have it in one spot. My dining room table is a huge catch-all spot in my house and usually where I have to do the most tidying up when I am expecting a visitor or just want my house to be quickly tidy.

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3. RUN THE VACUUM/SWEEP! A quick once over with the Dyson or Shark can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. If you have carpet it fluffs and refreshes the pile of the carpet and leaves those beautiful lines showing rows of vacuumed carpet (one of my quirks, love my vacuum lines in the carpet) plus if you have pets as I do it can really be a big deal if you aren’t vacuuming daily. The pet hair can take over! If you have wood or laminate floors sweeping or using a Swiffer real quick and a Bona Mop will make the floors look shiny and clean.

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4. WIPE BATHROOM COUNTERS AND MIRROR! If you are having a guest over that needs to use the bathroom it might be a good idea to make sure you don’t have crusty globs of toothpaste in your sink and splatters of toothpaste on the mirror and counters. I’m not judging, it happens to the best of us. I also get a coating of sticky scum from hairspray that gets on my counters. I generally use a quick Method Antibac Cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth and work my way from top to bottom and it usually does the trick! I also use the Method Glass cleaner for my mirror in the Mint scent and I love it! I also keep Lysol or Clorox wipes on the back of the toilet or in the cabinet for quick wipe downs.

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5. LIGHT A CANDLE, DIFFUSE OILS OR WAX MELTS! Okay, I know this isn’t really a cleaning tip but I promise you will feel better about your home when it smells amazing! Those powerful senses really do make a huge difference in perception. I don’t burn candles as often as I used to, now I buy the Better Homes and Gardens wax melts at Walmart they have tons of different scents and warmers that are very inexpensive. They do not require an open flame so are safer but alternatively the wax can be messy if you spill. I am currently obsessed with the Lemon Basil scent and Mango Lemon Sorbet scents because it is almost Summer. In the fall and winter I will lean towards pumpkin spice and apple spice scents to warm my home, There are also other brands like Scentsy or Pink Zebra that offer similar concepts. Find what works for you and it will make your home feel instantly clean and fresh! I also will sometimes diffuse some essential oil blends but if you have pets you need to be careful with that because some oils are toxic to pets or can irritate their respiratory systems.

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So that’s it! Five really quick steps to get your home ready for a visit or just to tidy up real quick for yourself. It wont take you longer than 20-30 minutes to do all of these steps and you will feel much better about your home! We will go into a more in-depth cleaning blog later on and I will give my tips on homemade cleaners and recipes I use for inexpensive cleaning! Thank you so much for reading about my quirky life! Follow my blog for more quirky girl tips and tricks on home, make up and all things quirky.


So… I’m Starting a Blog

Well, I’m giving this blogging thing a good old college try. I usually just share random information with my family and friends via social media, but enough people have told me that I should start a blog that I have decided to well, start a blog.  A couple things you should know about me right off the bat:  I’m Married, no kids, I love Jesus, I hate politics and I drink waaaaay too much coffee. Those are things I just wont even apologize for, take them or leave them (or me)!

I have always loved to write or well really “type” (my handwriting is as messy and chaotic as my life) but I always felt directionless when it came to a blog topic. So I decided that my blog is going to be quirky, chaotic, and caffeine-infused just like me. If I like it or think its a good tip or topic I am going to write a blog about it. It’s just that simple.

I will open the comments on my blog to accept requests for topics or tips people may want to see from my blogs in the future. I would love to have a community of positive individuals supporting each other through this crazy thing called life.  Be forewarned, what I will not accept is rudeness and trolling.  So move along if you are angry at the world and are looking to take it out on people via your keyboard. Constructive criticism will be accepted! My motto: Have courage and be KIND!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer, I didn’t take journalism classes or even blogging classes. I am just a housewife married to her best friend for 12 years. We have struggled with infertility and failed adoption and are currently working towards adoption again. We have had some tough stuff to deal with in our 12 years so far but it has made us stronger and shown we can conquer anything. So we will never give up fighting to have the family we so desperately want.

I am very excited about this new venture. I have really thought about this at length and I am going to try and bring a variety of topics and information to keep this blog fresh. Thank you so much for checking me out and reading about my quirky life!

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